Paul Harter Named NoCO Partnership Chairman

Paul Harter Named NoCO Partnership Chairman
Paul Harter, president and CEO of Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, was elected chairman of the Northern Colorado Manufacturing Partnership (NoCO Partnership). The regional, volunteer association consists of manufacturers, educational institutions, economic and workforce development groups, and partner organizations. It connects public and private enterprises to achieve shared goals and further community interests.

"I'm proud to serve in this capacity," said Harter. "We have a vibrant manufacturing landscape in Northern Colorado. It's rewarding to help the community network and share ideas, and to mentor the next generation of industry leaders."

The NoCO Partnership is actively involved in exposing local students to career opportunities, with a focus on technology, computers and robotics. A 2015 report concluded that improving the talent pipeline is a top priority.

Aqua-Hot Heating Solutions is the market leader in innovative hydronic heating systems for RVs, trucks, buses, heavy equipment cabs, UTVs and alternative fuel vehicles. Its equipment provides moist, even heat and on-demand hot water. The company builds solutions for diesel, propane and natural gas powered applications.

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