Foundation Reaches $1M Grant Milestone

The legacy of Aqua-Hot Heating Systems' founder, Harold "Hap" Enander, the Enander Family Foundation Fund, reached a milestone in giving. Since it began in 2012, the charitable organization has given over $1M in grants.

The fund's first grant was to Young Life, a worldwide Christian organization that serves close to 2 million children and young adults. More recently, a small start-up ministry in Michigan received a $5,000 grant that put the Enander Family Foundation Fund over the $1M mark.

Before the fund's creation, Enander's lifelong passion for service led him to help others, both in his community and in mission work to Haiti. He and his wife Sue had a deep commitment to improving the lives of young adults through the fostering of their Christian beliefs and practices.

"In every aspect of his life, Hap was a forward thinker," said Paul Harter, Aqua-Hot president and CEO. "He was a pioneer in hydronic heating, an inveterate inventor and tinkerer, had the foresight to protect his company, and could see the positive impact that his kindness and generosity could have by creating the foundation."

Enander's company, Aqua-Hot, is itself a beneficiary of his benevolence. He transferred full ownership to the Enander Family Foundation. This ensured the continuance of the business he built.

Harter serves as the foundation's chairman, while Aqua-Hot colleagues Troy Bell and Jeremiah Bustamante are on the board. The seed money used to start the charitable endeavor came from Aqua-Hot stock dividends.

The Enander Family Foundation Fund is established as a donor advised fund. It is managed and administered by the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. For a video on the fund, visit

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