Aqua-Hot Now Available on All of Tiffin's Phaeton Models

Aqua-Hot Now Available on All of Tiffin's Phaeton Models
Further solidifying its relationship with one of the most well-respected RV builders, Aqua-Hot is now offered on all Phaeton models from Tiffin Motorhomes. RV enthusiasts can experience Aqua-Hot's 400-D hydronic heating system on the Phaeton 36 GH, 40 AH, 40 QBH, 40 QKH and 42 LH. Tiffin's Allegro Bus and Zephyr models already offer the 450.

"Tiffin Motorhomes knows that Aqua-Hot products add value to the Phaeton brand. It is a feature associated with higher end products, so it enhances the Phaeton product," said Jerry Williamson Tiffin Motorhomes national sales manager. "In years past, we have had customers ask for Aqua-Hot products when we did not offer them. We listen to what our customers say and many of them want endless hot water and the superior heating system Aqua-Hot offers."

"Aqua-Hot delivers even heat distribution without drying out the inside of the RV," continued Williamson. "Also the fact that it uses the on-board high capacity diesel fuel tank, eliminating the need for frequent and continual refueling is great." Aqua-Hot's 400-D is the most compact hydronic heating system for diesel motorhomes. Delivering continuous, on-demand hot water and quiet, clean, even, moist interior heat, this system adds thousands of dollars to the value of an RV. Employing two sources of energy for heating comfort, the 400-D utilizes AC shore power for light-duty heating and hot water use, and diesel fuel for heating in colder temperatures and continuous hot water.

"Aqua-Hot is a great business partner who offers much needed dealer training assistance and similar to Tiffin Motorhomes, they stand behind their products," said Williamson.

Tiffin Motorhomes' Phaeton set sales records as the nation's best-selling diesel pusher and the company's all-time bestseller. This model offers a multitude of luxury enhancements as standard features, enveloping owners and guests in beauty, comfort and craftsmanship at a competitive price point. A video created by Tiffin showing the benefits of having an Aqua-Hot aboard can be found at

Contact Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, 7501 Miller Dr., Frederick, CO 80504. Toll free: 800-685-4298 or 303-651-5500; Fax: 303-651-5699.;

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