Aqua-Hot Introduces New Downsized LP Hydronic Heating Unit

The new Aqua-Hot 400LP Hydronic Heating Unit's compact design lets fifth wheel and propane-equipped motorhome owners finally experience the comfort of continuous hot water and superior interior heating. The 400LP delivers both amenities using propane fuel or AC power from a single, dual-circuit system.

Now towable and motorhome owners no longer need multiple systems for heating and hot water. Even better, with the new Aqua-Hot 400LP heating system owners can select to use available AC power for heating to conserve LP gas. Or, in really cold weather, combine the two.

With five separate thermostatic heating zones, the 400LP features two zone heating circulation loops and has a maximum output of 65,600 Btu/h. With a 1.5 gallons per minute flow, it provides 90 gallons of hot water an hour.

The 400LP has identical electrical wiring, zone heating and hot water attachment points as Aqua-Hot's 400D and 450D models. This enables OEMs to offer three system options with minimal engineering changes, reduce the number of replacement and service parts, and simplify troubleshooting. The 400LP also adds electronic controls to the Aqua-Hot propane powered system. 

Zone port outlets located on the top of the tank allow trouble-free access to connections. A self-contained unit, the 400LP eliminates extra hoses that create potential for leaks and make for more difficult, time-consuming installation.

In addition to propane power, it can also be powered by 120V/1650W AC shore power. It draws only 7 amps an hour.

Contact Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, 15549 E Hwy 52, Fort Lupton, CO 80621.  Toll free: 800-685-4298 or 303-659-8221; Fax: 303-857-9000.;

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