Alternative Fuel Heaters Eliminate the Need to Idle

Alternative Fuel Heaters Eliminate the Need to Idle
When temperatures drop, many fleet crew members have to come in early to get vehicle engines cranking before other workers arrive or trucks are sluggish until the engine warms up. Now with Aqua-Hot's Work Ready Single Closed-Circuit heating system, trucks are ready to roll at the same time as their drivers. Workers no longer need to wait for heat as the Work Ready Systems eliminate the need to idle the engine, reducing engine wear, emissions, downtime and slow starts.

By preheating with Aqua-Hot's Work Ready, fleet productivity and efficiency is increased. Work Ready Systems also remove the need to bring trucks in overnight, use outlets to plug in block heaters and wait for hydraulics to heat up. The system's accessories, including hydraulic heaters, oil pan heaters, cab heaters, thermostats and timers, allow a high level of flexibility to meet the needs of different fleets.

The single, closed-circuit, coolant-based heating system is powered by natural gas or LP. Work Ready offers simple operation and automatic timers so users can set times for the engine to start and preheat without being on the premise. The system operates with very low noise levels and low emissions.

The Work Ready is powerful enough to provide hydraulic fluid heating, as well as supplemental cabin heat for the front passengers with the optional Aqua-Hot Cabin Heater. For natural gas vehicles, the Single Circuit heater is also capable of warming fuel pressure regulators.

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